Just before John Lennon was killed, Danny Antonelli left the United States, by ship once more, but this time from Montreal, and disembarked in Rotterdam. From there he drove down through France, across Spain to Lisbon, Portugal, where he spent two years, wrote Shoot the Albatross (an episodic novel) and ghosted a book for a Syrian businessman. Lisbon was also where he had his first hit record, O Rapaz do Cubo Magico sung by Lara Li (1982).

From Lisbon Danny went, in October of 1982, to Hamburg, where he has lived ever since and had his second hit record La Valle Dell’ Eden sung by Nino de Angelo (1984). He has worked as a professional lyricist for German heavy metal, rock and pop music artists.

Danny also wrote the libretto for a chamber opera entitled diamond way which was performed in Dresden at the Kleine Szene of the Semper Oper and at the Opera Kiel (in the original English-language version) in 1999 and 2000. A comedy CD entitled Reality Check was released in 2003. His book of short stories Another Perfect Murder - and other stories was published in the USA by Asylum Arts in 1991.

He is the presenter of the monthly radio program FREE WHEEL on FSK 93 FM in Hamburg. FREE WHEEL is rebroadcast on a number of other non-commercial radio stations in Germany.

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